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This is a test


This is a test

New in version 3: The spam parameter

Changed in version 4.

Deprecated since version 3.1: Use spam() instead.

non toc title


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This documentation refers to version 5 and relase and it was last updated on Apr 06, 2018

Section Title 3 - Glossary


This function installs a handler for every signal known by the signal module. See the section about-signals for more information.

A structure where information about all documents under the root is saved, and used for cross-referencing. The environment is pickled after the parsing stage, so that successive runs only need to read and parse new and changed documents.
source directory
The directory which, including its subdirectories, contains all source files for one Sphinx project.
try_stmt  ::=  try1_stmt | try2_stmt
try1_stmt ::=  "try" ":" suite
               ("except" [expression ["," target]] ":" suite)+
               ["else" ":" suite]
               ["finally" ":" suite]
try2_stmt ::=  "try" ":" suite
               "finally" ":" suite