DigitalArx Account

Creating and configuring DigitalArx account (File Sync + Backup and Restore)

Secure-K has a secure document synchronization software called DigitalArx.

We can then use automated mechanisms to synchronize our documents on Mon-K’s private cloud, which will be stored in encrypted form to be used comfortably on the major operating systems on the market (Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android) and of course on our Secure-K.

This component also represents the automatic engine for the exclusive function of Secure-K for the backup and recovery of our full work environment on a new Secure-K in case of theft or loss! All without any intervention of specialized technical personnel!

Let’s start ...

We launch the application DigitalArx via the icon Show Applications placed in the bottom left corner


Please read carefully the license document for the end user (EULA) and press Accept to agree.

We will see the screen DigitalArx Connection Wizard that will guide us through the first configuration process of our account


Click on the link Create a new account linked to this Secure-K to open the appropriate page in the web browser and enter the data requested by filling out all fields. Then click on Create a new user to continue


The next screen is extremely important because it gives us our unique recovery key (Recovery Key) to generate a new password to access to our data on DigitalArx in case we forgot the initial access password


Let’s proceed clicking on Understood, I have stored the key! to confirm that we have understood the importance of the message and that we have saved this key in a safe place.

Once completed this process we will see the homepage of our DigitalArx account


Let’s get back to the previous screen of DigitalArx Connection Wizard, insert our login credentials previously created and click on Next


In the new screen please click on Connect ... and then Finish to complete the DigitalArx local folder creation procedure on our Secure-K

../_images/connect_finish.png ../_images/finish.png